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Stages without borders, (Rajaton näyttämö, in Finnish, Scen utan gränser in Swedish) was a collaborative platform for the development of the performing arts in Sweden and Finland between 2009-2014. Today the work continues in the ordinary activities in each organization.

You can find a summery from Riitta Seppälä’s full report, From Theatre Neighbors to Stages Without Borders
– An evaluation of a cooperative performing arts platform between Sweden and Finland 2011-2013 and it’s future.

About the platform, in short
– A cross-border network for the development of the performing arts and their role in a highly technological global society.
– A co-operation to promote innovation and creativity which enables resources to be used and shared effectively to create new opportunities.
– A partnership between performing arts establishments, educational institutions and businesses in Sweden and Finland.
– A platform to advance the cause of cultural equality for minorities.
– A collaboration to develop technological innovation and leadership and to broaden the playing field for the performing arts.
– A collaboration to create new drama for new audiences.

You can also read more here: ScenUtanGranser_TheatreWithoutBorders_2013

Newsletter to old and new partners March 2014
Information Stages without borders march 2014

Collaboration partners
Riksteatern, Länsteatrarna Sverige, Stockholm Dramatiska Högskola, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, Svensk Teaterunion, Uusi Teatteri, Svensk Scenkonst, Finlandsinstitutet, Kulturfonden Sverige-Finland med flera. 

Finland: Hanaholmen – kulturcentrum för Sverige och Finland, Esbo Stadsteater, Tammerfors Arbetarteater, Åbo Svenska Teater, Kuopio Stadsteater, Jyväskylä Stadsteater, Wasa Teater, Uleborgs Stadsteater, Karleby Stadsteater och Kotka Stadsteater, STEFI, Tinfo (Teatrarnas informationscentral i Finland), Kulturfonden för Sverige – Finland, Centre for Practise and Research in Theatre vid Tammerfors Universitet, Teatercentrum amongst others.

Areas of development
to increase participation and interest amongst young people in culture and language.

Artistic exchange: to extend the market for artists through bilateral exchange and joint international efforts.

Technology/ Innovation: Support for research and production of “virtual” performing arts. To develop new synergies between the virtual and physical cultural arenas.

Professional development and leadership: Leadership development and a bilateral/Nordic network. 

Current and forthcoming projects

Guest performances: Guest performances of domestic productions within neighbouring countries.

FinnDrama /New Drama: To raise the profile of new dramatic works in Finland and Sweden. To promote translations and identify new drama written for new audiences. Work with new technologies.

Leadership development: To take care of young talent in leadership, communication and development. Increase exchanges between the countries and adjust to a changed economic situation.

Translations for the stage: Development of a translation app for smart phones/tablets to overcome linguistic differences and create accessible theatre. Näyttämö An existing database of technical specifications of cultural venues in Sweden, to inform production before a new performance or adaptation of a performance for touring which is being extended to include Finnish venues.

Technology/Scenography: Development of scenography to appeal to and integrate new target audiences in new arenas. Our aim is to develop and revitalise artistic expression.

Interactivity/ Collaboration: To develop and innovate the interface between performance arts and the audience by harnessing the synergies between interactive and social media and the stage.


If you want to be in contact with the partners in the network, or would like more information, please contact:
Ann-Cathrine Fröjdö
Project Manager and Contact person at The Swedish National Touring Theatre (Riksteatern)
+46(0)70 637 5976

Aino Kostiainen
Contact person at Hanaholmen – cultural centre for Sweden and Finland
Programme Co-ordinator (art and culture)
+358 40 5519 933



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